Yay 4 Life! Food for Patient Families & Visitors

It is our honor to share with you a few examples of the profound impact of the Yay 4 Life! Cancer Patient Assistance Fund:

Mr. JC is a young man in his early thirties who is currently hospitalized for a stem cell transplant (July, 2014). He is from El Paso and his wife is unable to work. A Yay 4 Life! grant has assisted Mr. JC’s wife to pay for food in the cafeteria.

The list of people who benefit from the support from Yay 4 Life! is far greater than the example provided above. Each patient has a unique story and experiences individual hardships, but all are positively impacted by the giving support of Yay 4 Life! Please accept our profound thank you for choosing to help patients and their families in such a significant manner.

With my thanks and best wishes, C. Del Paggio, Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation