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I aBilly Gonzalesm currently fighting cancer and have to be at MD Anderson Cancer Center every day for treatments. And exactly what you state in your mission statement we go through on a daily basis. A dear friend of ours has showed us your organization and I am Blessed to know and be a part of your organization. Thank You so deeply for providing help to people like me that are fighting daily and on top of that worrying how we will have money for gas, parking, and medications every day. God Bless Yay 4 Life! O:)

In Memory of Donald Higginbotham 1938-2015

Thank you, Friends & Family of Donald Higginbotham. Don was a recent recipient of a Care Bag. He was an amazing guy with an amazing spirit! His beautiful daughter, Dallas, let us know that he requested that memorials be donated to Yay 4 Life!

Click here to read his obituary: Don Higginbotham Obituary

Click here to make a memorial donation: Yay 4 Life! Donations

Don Higginbotham 1938-2015

Don Higginbotham 1938-2015

Kelsei is #1

Kelsei is the best Program Director ever!!! She really connects to patients and their families.

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We have served a Polk County Sherriff Deputy, young 30-year-old male with three children (fourth on way – any day now) with leukemia and has just undergone a bone marrow transplant.  He was so grateful for the Care Bag because he will be out of work approximately 6 to 9 months.

Desi & Don Williams


We feel so blessed by your visit.  You and your daughter are wonderful people and you have a big hearts.  It takes a lot to share your heart and story, your visit touched us deeply.  We cannot thank you enough for your help.We surely do look forward to being able to help you in the future with fund raising.  I know you have Blessed many others and I would love to be able to pay it back some day.

I know God will bless you both for all you do.  Thank you again.

Michael Newman


Kelsei Howison presenting a bag to Michael & Michelle Newman