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Helping Cancer Patients Live Life!

Helping Cancer Patients Live Life!

Yay 4 Life! Cancer Patient Assistance Fund @ Methodist Hospital

Helping Cancer Patients Live Life!

Hi, I wanted to thank Yay 4 Life! for the Care Bag you gave me. You helped me so much. I had went through a stem cell transplant and your generous donation and care package meant so much. I thank God each day for people like you that understand how financially devastating a cancer diagnosis can be for a family. I am currently back home in Florida and cancer free. Thank you for everything you did to help during such a difficult time. I still visit Houston every 3 months for testing. S.E. 2015

Can't tell you how thankful we are to have used the tokens given to us by "yay 4 life". Thank you!!!! It's one less thing to worry about and has been of much much help. Thank you!!! My husband is on a new protocol and has not been able to get a stem cell transplant yet. Thank you so much for all you guys do for cancer patients. It's amazing to know there's people who care for others. Thank you thank you!!!!! Blessings, G. R. 2015

Helping Cancer Patients Live Life!

Hello, Picture of Billy (3/8/17)taken at home in Kerrville, TX, Diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia Jan. 2016. Enjoyed remission for 7 months , relapsed last month and now waiting to start a new clinical trial at MDAnderson. Thank you so much for your prayers and support in the past and keep him in your prayers. Bill and Leona Williams

Helping Cancer Patients Live Life!

M.V is a 43-year-old father of 3 beautiful kids, 10, 12, & 14 and was diagnosed with brain cancer in February 2014. He has spent the majority of his days in Methodist Hospital, stem cell cancer area. We have been able to help them with parking tokens, gas / grocery cards, and even a little break from reality. His wife is a teacher and without being able to work and still waiting for disability benefits, they weren’t able to afford a summer vacation. However, with the grace of God and good timing, the family was able to go to Galveston and stay in a beach house for a few days, courtesy of Yay 4 Life! It was far enough away to escape, but close enough in case something was to happen. It was only a 3-day trip, but their memories will last for years.

Helping Cancer Patients Live Life!

"It is wonderful to join the fun, but I find it very humbling to know that people I don’t even know me pray for me and wish me well. I am so very fortunate to have family, friends, and Yay 4 Life! to help me through treatment and support me in these difficult times. Yay 4 Life! has been here for me so I can concentrate on fighting my disease and not how much it costs me to park. I want to thank you all for supporting Yay 4 Life! Your support makes a difference." ~ Mr. R.N., Multiple Myleoma patient since 2011

Helping Cancer Patients Live Life!

"I just wanted to say I think you guys are great. You have made an impact with my family. I live in KS and I wish we had an organization like this here. So positive and you truly reach the heart of the families and patients. Thank you!"- Joy Newman

Yay 4 Life! Care Bags


We know how difficult it is to go through everything that cancer causes you to endure. We know the toll it took on us, emotionally, physically, and financially while Jeff, my husband, was in his battle. We have compiled a few items for you that we found helpful to Jeff and to our family in our Care Bags.

Our Care Bags include:
• An insulated bag to keep medication or groceries cool to reduce bacteria growth
• A soft blanket to keep you or a family member warm
• A water bottle to keep you hydrated
• A medication organizer to keep it all straight
• A bag of mint candies to reduce nausea
• A lip balm to protect your lips
• Hand sanitizer to use regularly to keep you free from bacteria that can be harmful
• Hand lotion to moisturize your hands
• A toothbrush and toothpaste pack
• A parking token for the Texas Medical Center garages
• A gift card for you and your family to use for gas, groceries, food at the hospital, medication or another parking token

Yay 4 Life! Patient Assistance Fund


Along with the emotional toil that is felt by those that are receiving medical treatment for cancer and other life threatening diseases, there are the “incidental” costs that insurance does not cover. Making multiple trips to the hospital or clinic, parking, gasoline, meals, etc., can mount up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in expenses and can eventually exhaust a family’s savings.

Our fundraising efforts allowed us to create the Yay 4 Life! Patient Assistance Fund at The Methodist Hospital Cancer Center with $10,000 to provide parking tokens, food vouchers, and transportation expenses to patients and their families.

In 2015, Yay 4 Life! replenished $5,000 of the Cancer Patient Assistance Fund at Houston Methodist Hospital Cancer Center.

2015 Donation to the Yay 4 Life! Cancer Patient Assistance Fund.

2015 Donation to the Yay 4 Life! Cancer Patient Assistance Fund.

Friendswood ISD

Pictured left to right: Diane Myers, Michelle Howison, Mark Griffon, FHS Musical Light Crew Member (Brian), Dr. Myrlene Kennedy, Kelsei Howison

Pictured left to right: Diane Myers, Michelle Howison, Mark Griffon, FHS Musical Light Crew Member (Brian), Dr. Myrlene Kennedy, Kelsei Howison

Yay 4 Life! provides two different scholarships and other educational support at Friendswood Independent School District.

Yay 4 Life! Hope Scholarship
Yay 4 Life! wants to inspire ambitious students, despite their setbacks, to create a life of hope and possibility by providing financial assistance to attend the college of their choice. We have established the Yay 4 Life! Hope Scholarship to assist a cancer patient or a child or sibling of a cancer patient with a financial resource to continue their post-secondary educational endeavors.

Jeff “Howie” Howison Technical Lighting Scholarship
The Jeff “Howie” Howison Technical Lighting Scholarship (Memorial) was established to reward a student or students whom have participated in the FHS musical and selected by the directors as having demonstrated outstanding work in the area of lighting for two or more years.

Yay 4 Life! has provided other educational support to Friendswood High School to purchase some much needed lights for the Myrlene Kennedy Auditorium.

About Us

We know from experience that cancer patients are stronger in their fight, cope with treatments better, and recover faster when they have family, friends and others in their support system around them. We also know that people want to help when someone is going through a difficult time. Cancer creates significant financial burden even with insurance.

There are a lot funds raised and donated for cancer research which will help patients of the future. We wanted to help current patients have the support they need to gain strength, create memories and…Live LIFE!!

Yay 4 Life! is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2012 to provide cancer patients and their families with assistance for expenses such as parking, meals, travel costs and other costs incurred while patients are receiving medical care either as an inpatient or outpatient. Yay 4 Life! also provides scholarships and other educational support at Friendswood Independent School District.

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